Cara Delevingne Santas helper from the Maldives

Fresh of the run-walk for Chanel and in need of a break. Chanel runway model Cara Delevingne, took to the Maldives. With all expenses paid trip whose complaining. None of her 160 friends and family were complaining.

Well the internet was not as amused after Cara and her friends posted over 600 images of their fun in the sun.

As much as she sets the run-walk aflame it seems she also knows how to turn on the trolls. Who could blame them really, living young, wild and free.

Well her group gave no less than 600 photos of their sun frolicking activities. Which didn’t go down well with the trolls. However, Instagram is for sharing. And many of her fans supported her pics. But the Grinch and its miserable band of trolls came out in full force to steal Christmas cheer.

Oh well, Cara Delevingne didn’t seem to be phased, as she went to a Santa rave some where in Europe. Most likely en-route to her next show in Paris next week. All we can say is now there’s a lady whose made Santa’s Christmas very merry. So why bother with the Insta-trolls now when you have Saint Nick on your side.

May be next time Cara will fulfill her dream and leave behind the phone and just castaway on some island.

Mila Kunis- Mom again!

Actress Mila Kunis gave birth to her second child a few days ago and was recently spotted with husband Ashton Kutcher for the first time post delivery. The couple had announced recently on Twitter that they were blessed with a healthy baby boy named Dimitri Portwood Kutcher at 1:21 a.m. on 30th November. Mila was first sighted with the postpartum glow, walking alongside Ashton in Los Angeles; she looked gorgeous but casual in a loose black sweater, adorned with jeans and black boots, her beachy waves added to the casual chic outfit.

Mila and Ashton who were co-stars as children on “That ’70s Show” have been married since the summer of 2015 and have a two-year-old toddler girl named Wyatt Isabelle. The couple looks blissful in their latest photos, basking in the happiness of parenthood, and as per their twitter feed, big sister Wyatt was also excited for her baby brother to come along.

Despite the latest addition to the family, rumours are still afloat that all may not be well between Mila and Ashton, thanks to interference from Ashton’s ex-wife Demi Moore. Word is that Mila is annoyed due to Moore’s constant attempts to still be a part of Ashton’s life, even though the couple separated more than five years ago. Some reports suggest that Demi visited Mila after Dimitri’s birth, bearing gifts and some unsolicited advice on how to handle more than one kid which seemed to have miffed Mila.

Moore’s constant attempts at friendship with Mila seem to have a hint of ulterior motive and it appears that Mila has had enough of the “Ghost” start haunting her life. However, the latest photos suggest that Mila and Ashton are still going strong and will hopefully be able to resolve all concerns regarding Moore. Here’s wishing the family of four many happy years ahead!


Well it is no real surprise that I have grown up to become one of the biggest Disney fans on the face of the Earth, considering the fact that my parents decided to name me Kovu, after the character from The Lion King sequel. However, it is not just Disney that I have come to love, as I have become a huge fan of all things entertainment.

Here I will talk about some of my favourite stars in the entertainment industry, either discussing points about their personal life or touching on what they have going on in their career. Hopefully you will get involved with what I have to say and we can get a new and interactive community going.