Andy McNab (screenplay), Troy Kennedy-Martin (screenplay) | 1 more credit» .. called “Bravo Two Zero” and it was commanded by Sergeant Andy McNab. For Andy McNab, the patrol’s leader, and Chris Ryan, the soldier who Bravo Two Zero, McNab’s lionised account of the mission, which was. Under the command of Sergeant Andy McNab, they were to sever the underground Bravo Two Zero is a breathtaking account of Special Forces soldiering: a.

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It sounded like how a hard-working, professional soldier would describe what was happening to him.

These meant that serving members could no longer publish memoirs or accounts without the prior agreement of the MoD. Sharpe is sent on a mission to exchange rifles for deserters anxy a strange band of Spanish guerillas.

While an interesting story, Bravo Two Zero gets dragged down under its own weight. But things went wrong very early on. Each man laden with 15 stone of equipment, they patrolled 20km across flat desert to reach their objective. Full Cast and Crew.

The patrol was hravo by Iraqi troops, they abandoned their mission and, in trying to reach Syria, accidentally split in two.

Battle of SAS Gulf patrol gets bloody

Tony Ron Senior Jr. Soon after being dropped the patrol found themselves surrounded by Saddam’s army without working radios and with brutally cold weather Bravo Two Zero was the call sign of an eight-man Mchab Army SAS patrol, inserted behind enemy lines into Iraq during the First Gulf War in January as part of the prelude to the Coalition ground invasion of Iraq.


Bravo Two Zero is the highest selling war book of all time and has sold over 1.

The Real Bravo Two Zero. Asher also points out that the patrol members’ accounts of the action diverge radically.

Mission: the truth

Is this a work of fiction based on fact, ot a true story with just the names changed? Gwo this was the most important part of his SAS journey – not the missions. First of all, this review is concerned with the book and the book alone; forget the conspiracy, bad mouthing and follow-ups which have followed in the decade since this came out.

Dec 05, Russell Stoewe rated it liked it.

This narrative takes us from the period when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait up until after the war had ended and the prisoners of the patrol code-named Bravo-Two-Zero returned home.

One point of argument is how many men the patrol killed.

Bravo Two Zero (TV Movie ) – IMDb

They suffered emotionally and that has never really resolved itself; his father died a broken man over what had happened; and his children were teased at school by other kids who said their father was a coward.

May 23, James rated it it was amazing Shelves: A really informative book about what it’s like to be in the sas. Whether this is viewed as autobiography or fictionalized biography, it’s a great read. Trained as a specialist in counter terrorism, prime t Andy McNab joined the infantry in as a boy soldier. Search for ” Bravo Two Zero ” on Amazon. This section is in a list format that may be better presented using prose.


Dropped into “scud alley” carrying pound packs, McNab and his men soon found themselves surrounded by Saddam’s army. The levels of torture that Andy and the other men had to go through is just horrific. For Allied Forces in the Golf the preparation is over. Repatriated at the end of the war, he returned to the SAS, stayed for another seven years and says he still loves the regiment but has no intention of letting it off the hook over Bravo Two Zero.

Bravo Two Zero by Andy McNab

McNab says the team marched through the night to an observation post near a key road. And then I was recommended by my brother to watch Strike Back, the Brits’ own Unit-like tv series, found out it was based on a book as well, by Chris Ryan. The mission was to survey the scuds, cable lines in Iraq and the operation was called Bravo Two Zero. This has puzzled me for ages. Though it could have been called ways I was tortured and things do slow down as he is tortured for at least half the book and it is quite repetitive.

May 20, Benjamin Mclellan rated it really liked it Recommends braavo for: It is definitely extraordinary story anyd extraordinary people.

The patrol was led by the author and included another writer, ‘ Chris Ryan ‘.