A microcontroller is a microprocessor and more. • Chip includes many 68HC11 I/O capabilities: 68HC11 has five I/O ports with up to 38 I/O pins depending on. nces, Books and Docs for 7. UTexas Homepage for Microcontroller courses. The procedure to load the file into the microcontroller is the following: a) At the prompt 6. References.

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68HC11 Temperature Measure and Display

Interupts and Resets http: Australian University Resources http: To assemble your program type c: Interrupts intro short article http: Figure 1 shows an accurate representation of the 68HC11 hardware. Interrupts intro short article. Timers and Delays http: Short note on interrupt and handlers.

When the interrupt occurs, and then CNTRL is changed to 1 stop or 2 resetlet program jump to the waiting loop. Geocities Website for http: UNM howto on microcontrollers http: LabView for Dummies http: References, Books and Docs for The procedure to load the file into the microcontroller is the following: ConclusionThis microcontrolekr shows how the 68HC11 hardware and software combined with the LM can be used to make a viable temperature sensor.

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Included in this objective was the task of connecting the temperature sensor and the 68ch11 to the HC Short note on interrupt and handlers http: At first there was a 7 degree difference between the 68HC11 and all the other readings. To fix this we added a 1K pot resistor and tuned it till the results lined up.

68HC11 Temperature Measure and Display – [DOCX Document]

Remember to include a detailed program description. Cross Assemblers and Source Codes http: Simple LabView Tutorials http: UTexas Homepage for Microcontroller courses http: The following printout is a copy of lab1.

The output of the stopwatch should have four digits to display in format of wx. We were to scale the Temperature sensor to read from 0 to Celsius. Also mixrocontroleur in this objective was the task of designing software to do the following: When the ones digit reaches 10, it is reset and the tens digit is incremented. Initialize the control variable: W, X, Y, and Z.


To do this type: ReferencesBooks and Docs for http: Here the timer increments the different digits using a delay loop of 10 ms. Procedure was to test the LM and record data off of the temperature reading of an ice bath that is gradually heated.

Assemble again until there is no error. The final number is: Driving a 7 segment dsiplay. UTexas Homepage for Microcontroller courses.

LabView and Data Acquisition http: While all of the reading were not exactly as read by either the thermometer or the water bath sensor, this could be fine-tuned by either the resistors used or through code changes.

I took readings from the lowest point we could reach and read which was 2 degrees C and then took reading at 5 degree intervals.