Luttwak’s become the unthinkable. And here he has succeeded magnificently. For peacemakers and warmakers alike”. — Harry G. Summers, Jr., New York. If Edward Luttwak does not always persuade, he always provokes. In this superb book, one that will become a classic of strategy, he does both. He may. Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace rev. and enlarged ed. by Edward N. Luttwak Cambridge, MA: The Belknap. Press of Harvard University Press,

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Citing examples from ancient Rome to our own days, from Barbarossa and Pearl Harbor down to minor combat affrays, from the wag of peace to the latest operational methods of war, this book by one of the world’s foremost authorities reveals the ultimate logic of military failure and success, of war and peace.

Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace

Nov 29, Henry rated it it was amazing Shelves: Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. He then offers advice on five distinct levels of strategy: Recognize that every victory comes at a high enough cost that an immediate subsequent defeat is possible.

Luttwak spends considerable time writing about the importance of persuasion and andd through military power, the importance of harmony in the relation of vertical strategy military operations to horizontal diplomacy, propaganda, public opinion. It can appear when a seemingly unreasonable decision results in the best potential outcome, as seen in Hannibal’s determination to march over the Alps, which proved incredibly costly, yet lyttwak surprised Romans, leaving them unable to use their capabilities to their full potential.

The middle section of the book deals with the technical, tactical and operational concerns of military strategy as they apply in offense, defense and in interaction with the political sphere. Relationships between nations in which it’s absent would be an abnormal condition. Paradox arises because the enemy is a living, thinking, acting person, dedicated to fouling your plans and making your goals and tactics irrelevant. I first encountered Luttwak many years ago through a book he wrote about the grand strategy of the Roman Empire.


Harvard University Press- History – pages. Such insights wash away the illusion of peaceful coexistence over the longue duree. Return to Book Page.

However, if you are a ear of international relations, history, or security studies, I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

Sometimes the best tech is the lowest; every tech will meet a countertech and your super-advanced modern wonder might be undone by something cheap and off-the-shelf. Luttwak’s reasoning is enlightening and worth listening to. Such definitions are laid out with precise examples in clearly divided chapters.

It is a survey of how wars are won and lost, and Luttwak manages to draw essential lessons out of every example, all the while peppering the work with his own dry, Clauswitz-ian wit.

Prospective captains of industry should perhaps stick to Sun-Tzu. He’s written many books on strategy and this, Strategy: Most of the time successful strategy creates conditions tje may be, eventually, unfavorable.

Want to Read saving…. This is for my history class on Germany’s response to its own wartime atrocities. In this pezce acclaimed work, now revised and expanded, Luttwak unveils the peculiar logic of strategy level by level, from grand strategy down to combat tactics.

The first paragraph of the last chapter of this book on strategy some a up Grand Strategy nicely: Though a small part of the book, starting on pp61 he gives a scathing condemnation of NGOs. Edward Nicolae Luttwak is a military strategist, political scientist, and historian who has published works on military strategy, history, and international relations. May 17, Chris rated it it was amazing Shelves: Published January 31st by Belknap Press: Jan 07, Dmitry Zlokazov rated it it was ok.


He highlights the necessity of trying to anticipate how your neighbors and opponents will react to new techniques, tactics, operations, etc.

Czada stgategy, Reinhard Zintl No preview available – Aug 06, Phoenix rated it it was amazing Shelves: The book is an excellent read. Negotiating ends to war might be worse than fighting to the bitter conclusion.

Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace – Edward N. Luttwak – Google Books

Insightful book on how strategy uses its own paradoxical logic rather than normal linear logic. Department of Defense and for the U. His discussions on blitzkrieg, defensive depth, culmination points and guided vs unguided weaponry alone are worth the the price of admission. He has nothing but scorn for UN “blue helmets” who are both under-trained and underpaid, have no incentive to risk their lives in order to fulfill their mission and who are often on the take to supplement their salaries.

Having participated in its planning, Luttwak examines the role of air power in luttwa, Gulf War, then detects the emergence of “post-heroic” war in Kosovo in an American war in which not a single American soldier was killed. I believe I learned more from reading these pages than any book I’ve read recently.