Poimandres to Hermes Trismegistus. 1. Once, when mind had become intent on the things which are, and my understanding was raised to a great height, while. teacher of Hermes Trismegistus himself. During the fifteenth century Marsili. Ficino made the mistake of assuming that the title ‘Poimandres’, given at t heading of. The Divine Pymander of Hermes: Revelation of the Above and the Below. Hermes Trismegistus. CONTENTS. The Visions of Hermes · The Above and the Below.

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Hopes she’s back to where she wants to be. I order you to go forth, to become as a guide to those who wander in darkness, that all men within whom dwells the spirit of My Mind The Universal Mind may be saved by My Mind in you, which shall call forth My Mind in them.

Terrified by the spectacle, Hermes prostrated himself before the Dragon, beseeching it to reveal its identity. As he watched, a luminous haze distributed itself throughout the atmosphere until the air was a mass of shining particles. HD in the house Of these, one is about the order of the fixed stars that are visible, and another about the conjunctions and luminous appearances of the sun and moon; and the rest respecting their risings.

Poimandres – Wikipedia

Knowing only the body which is subject to death, they believe in death because they worship that substance which is the cause and reality of death. For the Prophet is, among the Egyptians, also over the distribution of the revenues. There’s more to it like the synagogue of satan, banksters, corrupted religions, corrupted families hiding behind a good name, corrupted government systems. They who are there welcome his coming with joy; and he, made like to them that sojourn there, does further hear the Powers who are above the substance of the Eighth Sphere, singing their praise to God in a language of their own.

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Site Hermew Posts 18, Found this a while back is an interesting read. He beheld a figure, terrible and awe-inspiring. It is doubtful that the deity called Thoth by the Egyptians was originally Hermes, but the two personalities were blended together and it is now impossible to separate them.

The Vision of Hermes, hernes nearly all of the Hermetic writings, is an allegorical exposition of great philosophic and mystic truths, and its hidden meaning may be comprehended only by those who have been “raised” into the presence of the True Mind. He is a very strange. The air was filled with inarticulate moanings and sighings which seemed to come from the Light swallowed up in the darkness.

It was after Hermes had received this revelation that he began his ministry, teaching to all who would listen the secrets of the pimandres universe as they had been unfolded to him. Then the Second Mind, together with the risen Word, established Itself in the midst of the universe and whirled the wheels of the Celestial Powers.

No wonder it’s guarded by aliens Flora and Fauna. Looks like Q-dog did asome house cleaning. Hermes bowed his head in thankfulness to the Great Dragon who had taught him so much, and begged to hear more concerning the ultimate of the human soul. Nature embraced by Man brought forth a wonder, oh so wonderful.

That’s yet another trrismegisto and attempt to discredit our site. The origin of the shepherd’s crook in religious symbolism may be traced to the Egyptian rituals. Thus, suffering is the result of the Immortal Man’s falling in love with His shadow and giving up Reality to dwell in the darkness of illusion; for, being immortal, man has the power of the Seven Governors–also the Life, the Light, and the Word-but being mortal, he is controlled by the Rings of the Governors–Fate or Destiny.


The vision of creation Immediately the form of Poimandres changed.

It reminds me of working with the Phoenix. The Air brought forth things winged; the Water things that swim, and in the Watery Substance, Earth-and-Water one from another were separated, as Mind the Maker willed. Hermes beheld the spirits of the stars, the celestials controlling the universe, and all those Powers which shine with the radiance of the One Fire—the glory of the Sovereign Herjes.

The Life and Teachings of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus

They reproduced themselves out of themselves, for each was male and female. Forthwith all things changed in aspect before me and were opened poimandrfs in an instant.

Upon the sixth ring sits Jupiter, and to it are returned the sense of accumulation and riches. How to make Contact with Friendly Extrate For the sake of clarity, the narrative form has been chosen in preference to the original dialogic style, and obsolete words have given place to those in current use.


The aged initiator, raising his wand, cried out in a loud voice: We may see a lot of destruction as part of the transformation process of the new earth, so don’t worry and be happy. He alone knew what was written in the secret book. Repent, and change your minds.