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As shown in FN VW pin sources current. When the temperature goes down, the NTC thermistor voltage will eventually go up. Proper selection and placement of the NTC thermistor allows for detection of a designated temperature rise by the system. And very importantly, the PCB traces sensing the inductor voltage should be go directly to the inductor pads. Compared with the traditional multiphase buck regulator, the R3 modulator commands variable switching frequency during load transients, which achieves faster transient response.

A high level logic signal on this pin enables the regulator. At steady state, a high level logic signal on this datwsheet indicates that the daatsheet is in Deeper Sleep Mode.

As a rule of thumb we start with the voltage drop across the Rn network, VN, to be 0. When these inputs are returned to their high operating levels, a soft-start will occur.

But attention has to be paid jsl6260 balancing the impedance of droop amplifier in this case. This allows the Voltage Regulator to tightly control the processor voltage at the die, independent of layout inconsistencies and drops. A capacitor is added in parallel with RL in order to improve the stability margin of the channel current balance loop. A 47pF capacitor ratasheet be used for such purposes.

Dimensions in for Reference Only. Between active and sleep mode transition, high logic level on this pin programs slow C4 entry and exit; low logic level on this pin programs large charging or discharging soft pin current, and therefore fast output voltage transition slew rate. This total current is typically ? There are provisions to correct datasheett current imbalance due to layout or to purposely divert current to certain phase for better thermal management.


It is highly recommended to use symmetrical adtasheet in order to achieve natural current balance.

VDD 5V bias power. In general, the switching frequency will be very close lsl6260 the set value at high input voltage and heavy load conditions.

ISL6260 Datasheet PDF

The voltage on NTC pin is higher than threshold voltage of 1. The power stage parameters such as L and Cs are needed datssheet the input to calculate the compensation component values. Table 2 shows the operation modes of ISLC with combinations of control logic. The following is an example. The selection of Roc is given below in Equation In order to use such capacitors, the resistors and thermistors surrounding the droop voltage sensing and droop amplifier has to be resized up to 10x to reduce the capacitance by 10x.

If the output voltage is less than the VID set value by mV or more, a fault will latch after 1ms in that condition. Due to the dynamic operation of the CPU, the inductor current is pulsating and the power monitor signal needs to be filtered. A unity gain, differential amplifier is provided for remote CPU die sensing. Note daatsheet most practical core voltage regulators will have the overcurrent set to trip before the isl62660 undervoltage limit.

Once the board has been laid out, some tweaking may be required to adjust the full load Droop. Therefore, proper NTC thermistor has to be chosen such that 2. Figure 47 shows the simplified model of the droop circuitry. It can be programmed for one- two- or three-channel operation for microprocessor core applications up to 70A. As long as the inductor time constant matches the droop circuit RC time constants as given above, the transient performance will be optimum.


This value will be covered in the next section.

To see whether the NTC has compensated the temperature change of the DCR, the user isl626 apply full load current and wait for the thermal steady state and see how much the output voltage will deviate from the initial voltage reading.

DFB Inverting input to droop amplifier. This is fairly easy and can be accomplished by allowing the system to achieve thermal equilibrium at full load, and then adjusting Rdrp2 to obtain the desired Droop value. Current sensing can be datasheft using either DCR sensing or.

The IBAL circuit will adjust the channel pulse-widths up or down relative to the other channels to cause the voltages presented to the ISEN pins to be equal. A current source is connected internally to this pin. Figure 45 shows the isk6260 throttling feature with hysteresis. This voltage is given by Equation These traces should be laid out as noise sensitive traces. Regular external resistor may need to be in series with NTC resistors to meet the threshold fatasheet values.

It should be noted that the switching frequency in the Electrical Specification Table is tested with the error amplifier output or Comp pin voltage at 2V.

Knowing this voltage droop level, one can program in the appropriate drop across the Roc resistor.

ISL Datasheet – Multiphase PWM Regulator – Intersil

One should expect the output voltage to slew to the Boot value of 1. For optimum load line regulation performance, the traces connecting these two pins to the Kelvin sense leads of the processor must be laid out in jsl6260 and away from rapidly rising voltage nodes switching nodes and other noisy traces.

The selection of Cn may require a slight adjustment to correct for layout inconsistencies and component tolerance.