Week 1: Review/Begin Optimality Theory. Reading: Kager Chapter 1: Conflicts in Grammar. The fundamental idea behind OT is that surface forms of language. c h a m b e r s a n d p e t e r t r u d g i l l Dialectology Second edition c. ly o n s Definiteness r. k a g e r Optimality Theory OPTIMALITY THEORY rené kager. Optimality Theory [Rene Kager].pdf. Download. Share This Post. Related Articles. Phonology Analysis and Theory [Edmund Gussmann].pdf.

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Linguistic Inquiry 29 2: Optimality Theory is not optimal: One violation for each segment that differs in voicing between the input and output.

Con is the same in every language. For an introductory guide on IPA symbols, see Help: Optimality Theory predicts that there optimaliity be more grammars than there are permutations of the ranking of Con.

Optimality Theory supposes that there are no language-specific restrictions on the input. Chapter 7 discusses work by. In this view, Optimality Theory is taken to be a model of linguistic competence and is therefore not intended to explain the specifics of linguistic performance.

Optimality Theory – Wikipedia

For example,For example,Subjacency was proposed as a universal condition on syntactic movement rules and the Obligatory Optimaliyt Principle as a universal condition on phonological rules.

Views Read Edit View history. McCarthy ‘s sympathy theory and candidate chains theory, among many others.

McCarthy, John and Alan Prince However, it may not be possible to distinguish all of these potential grammars, since not every constraint is guaranteed to have an observable effect in every language. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! Books by Rene Kager. A word-final syllable or foot must not bear stress. Jan 23, Sandra rated it it was ok. One violation for every pair of adjacent obstruents in the output which disagree in voicing.


Ships with Tracking Number! Faithfulness and reduplicative identity.

You can help by adding to it. The idea for this book arose during a course I taught at the LOT summer school at the University of Amsterdam in However, our discussion of these phenomena serves to highlight results of OT that are relevant beyond prosody. Comparative tableaux display the same information as the classic or “flyspeck” tableaux, but the information is presented in such a way that it highlights the most crucial information.

PhD dissertation, University of Massachusetts.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The book does not limit its empirical scope to phonological phenomena, but also contains chapters on the learnability of OT grammars; OT’s implications for syntax; and other issues such as opacity. Selected pages Title Page. This shows that a candidate does not need to be a winner in order to harmonically bound another candidate.

Optiimality optimality kagr prefer the use of comparative tableaux, as described in Prince b.

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Optimality Theory – Kager

This is an introduction to Optimality Theort, whose central idea is that surface forms of language reflect resolutions of conflicts between competing constraints.

Such counterbleeding rule orderings are therefore termed opaque as opposed to transparentbecause their effects are not visible at the surface level. Earlier models had assumed Morpheme Structure Constraints, resulting in the duplication of static and dynamic rules in phonotactics. Renaecaneday rated it liked it Jan 19, OT models grammars as systems that provide mappings from inputs to outputs; typically, the inputs are conceived of as underlying representationsand the outputs as their surface realizations.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Many versions of Ooptimality Theory predict this to be impossible see MoretonPrince Phonological Opacity in Optimality Theory. Aug 27, WH rated it really liked it Shelves: Learnability in Optimality Theory. Gen is free to generate any number of output candidates, however much they deviate from the input. Optimality Theory is not a theory of representations, but a theory of interactions of grammatical principles.

Based on this tableau, the following ranking has been established. There are two possible places to put Agree when writing out rankings linearly; neither is truly accurate.

Optimality Theory

There are two basic types of constraints:. Trivia About Optimality Theory. A Thematic Guide to Optimality Theory. Some constraints are sometimes theoryy as a “cover constraint”, standing in for a set of constraints that are not fully known or important. Two successive sibilants are prohibited. A readable introduction to Optimality Theory phonology. This book is not a general introduction to phonology, and the reader should come equipped with a basic knowledge of derivational Generative Phonology, including rules and representations, and some knowledge of Minimalist Syntax for chapter 8.

Parts of this book are based on research reported on earlier occasions. I used it in one of my classes; everything is presently clearly and succinctly.