Magia Blanca, Magia Negra/ La Magia de Arbatel / White Magic, Black Magic / Arbatel’s Magic: C. W. Leadbeater, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa Von Nettesheim. The Arbatel De Magia veterum was a Latin grimoire of renaissance ceremonial magic published in in Switzerland. Contents. 1 Title; 2 Origin; 3 Nature. L’Arbatel De Magia Veterum (Arbatel: De la magie des Anciens) est un grimoire de magie du XVI siècle. La première édition en latin date de à Bâle.

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Magia Blanca, Magia Negra/ La Magia de Arbatel / White Magic, Black Magic / Arbatel’s Magic

He converteth copper into gold, in a moment, and gold into copper: And they who are severe against it, they all pardon this my opinion, that such their severity proceeds from Self-guiltiness; and give me leave to apply that of Ennodius that it is the nature of Self-wickedness, to think that of others, which themselves deserve.

Therefore, as we have before oftentimes admonished, With fear and trembling we must live in this world.

The fourth is, To be remote and cleer from all manner of superstition; for this is superstition, to attribute divinity in this place to things, wherein there is nothing at all divine; or to chuse or frame to our selves, to worship Maggia with some kinde of worship which he hath not commanded: Of the Magic of the AncientsAnonymous, ed. The beginning of their simple Anomalyin the 60 yeer before the Nativity of Christ, was the beginning of the administration of Bethorand it lasted until the yeer of our Lord Christ Few understood, many reprehend, and as dogges barke at those they know not: God the first, incorruptable, everlasting, unbegotten, without parts, most like himself, the guide of all good, adbatel no reward, the best, the wisest, the father of right, having learned justice without teaching, perfect, wise by nature, the onely inventor thereof.

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Note the quote from Ecclesiastes does pa occur in the Latin edition, but is in Sl. From hence springeth all Magick, and thither again it will revolve, whether kagia be good or evil. The PREFACE To the unprejudiced Reader A s the fall of man made himselfe and all other creatures subject to vanity; so, by reason thereof, the most noble and excellent Arts wherewith the Rational soul was indued, are by the rusty canker of Time brought unto Corruption.


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The third kind of Magick containeth the whole Philosophy of Nature; which dr to light the innermost virtues, and extracteth them out of Nature’s hidden bosome to humane use: Neither did the abuse of Astrology terrify Abraham, if we believe the most ancient and religious writers from observing the motions and natures of the heavenly bodies. The third [fourth] Septenary.

The lesser secrets are seven. Then began Ochand continued until the yearand thenceforth Hagith ruleth untill the year The West is for force and strength. Huic nihil est tam arduum, aut tam multiplex cui par esse non possit.

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Magick is the connexion of natural arbafel and patients, answerable each to other, wrought by a wise man, to the bringing forth of such effects as are wonderful to those that know not their causes. Unto Arbwtel the maker of all things, are obedient all things celestial, sublunary, and infernal. On the Magic of the Arbatl was a Latin grimoire of renaissance ceremonial magic published in in Switzerland. Olympus and the inhabitants thereof, do of their own accord offer themselves to men in the forms of Spirits, and are ready to perform their Offices for them, whether they will or not: Put no confidence in thy own wisdom; but look unto God in all things, according to that sentence of the Scripture: The sixth is, to know God, and Christ, and his holy Spirit: Let not any one despise prayer; for by whom God is prayed unto, to him he both can and will give.

He that is dignified with his Character, he maketh him to be worshipped as a Deity, by the Kings of the whole world. But there do appear also evil Spirits, and destroyers, which is caused by the envy and malice of the devil; and because men do allure and draw them unto themselves with their sin, as a punishment df to sinners.


All other things, that is, all things which are due to the mortal Microcosme, as food, raiment, and the necessary arts of this life. Therefore let us alwaies have regard unto the saying of Christ, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all arbattel things shall be added unto you. To the obedient, he hath proposed their rewards; to the disobedient he hath propounded their deserved punishment.

Sed ad illa summa genera ne aspirauerit unquam. Be not rash with thy mouth, neither let thy heart be hasty to utter any thing before God; for God is in Heaven, and thou in earth: To these are referred all idolaters of old, and of our age, and abusers of Fortune, such as the heathens are full of. Do this, and thou shalt live, which the holy Books have taught thee.

As in the ancient worshipping of God by Sacrifice, there was no man knowing God among the Elders, that did not forbear to worship the God of all power, or condemn that kinde of Worship, because the devil was so adored in the image of Baal, Dagon, Astaroth, Chemosh, Jupiter, Apollo, and the like.

And in this manner, in Constellations, Words and Characters, Stones, and such like, do lie hid the greatest influences or vertues in deed, which are in stead of a miracle.

The third is, to be able to perform Astronomical and Mathematical miracles, such as are Hydraulick -engines, to administer business by the influence of Heaven, and things which are of the like sort.

Some are the watch-men over Kingdoms; others the keepers of private persons; and from thence, anyone may easily form their names in his own language: