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: Akai BP Remote Control (PTHD, PTHD, HCM, HCMW) tested with batteries: Home Audio & Theater. Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello all, A friend of mine is looking. I HAVE A AKAI PTHD TV AND WHEN I PUT ON THE AUTO FOCUS THE TV KEEPS TRYING TO FOCUS ENDLESSLY BUT DOES’NT.

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Posted on Wednesday, September 29, – Component 1 is for interlaced OR progressive scan. Posted on Monday, November 15, – If you don’t, the movie will be stretched sideways, and everybody will look “fat” lol. Sitting side by side, the Samsung looked a tad bit better.

The component cable seems to have trouble fitting in the TV, which is why it was tight and pulled it out of the TV. When I put the TV’s sound through my entertainment system, the sound is fine, so I’m sure the TV’s speakers are defective. BTW you will not want to handle any of the internal components if indeed there is coolant leakage!!

Personally, I prefer the 1.

Akai PTHD lens problem? | Electronics Forums

And the manual does not mention the remote model number. The ability to change aspect ratios will be disabled, and you WILL get black borders, but not nearly as much as watching it on a regular 4: The parts to repair this failure is common availablity.


Luckily my condo is built above a bestbuy both a blessing and a curse. Now here is the tricky part, the top of that bottom piece has 3 places where it is held in by fasteners which I gently used some force to pop it out.

Man you gotta love the arrow marks to show you the way!! Do not place it near a radiator or heat register.

Akai PT4298HD

The next piece is the middle speaker section. Posted on Tuesday, August 19, – According to the guy in Costco – Akai and Samsung are actually the same company just different marketing brands. I tried to use the DVD aspect ration choice on the remote, but this chops off some of the picture. I hope its not a sign of things to come. I felt more comfortable going with the Samsung name.

Picture icon will be highlighted blinking. It souds like the Akai is a very good deal. Members earn points on qualifying purchases, excluding sales taxes and other fees. I hope it helps I’ve only had the tv for two weeks and even with me getting a bad one the 1st time which only was because the store sold me an open box item not a new one the tv is great.

Akai PTHD –

Posted on Monday, September 13, zkai Has anyone else experienced this? So, I went back to Circuit City and purchased this model instead. I have the Avia DVD on order. Posted on Monday, October 11, – This negates pt498hd advantage of using a Below is the link to the Samsung site showing the TV and specs.


On the back of the tv their are arrow marks that perfectly show where the screws are. It seems many of the image and compatibility issues are not specific to this Akai TV but more likely might be problems encountered with hooking up to any new wide projection HDTV. Your DVD must be set to progressive scan to even get a pt429hd on component2. I’ve just moved in to a rented apartment and don’t think I’ll be getting digital feed until a buy a house.

Chris Posted on Tuesday, August 05, – Posted on Tuesday, January 11, – I tried the fine tuning or something but its not working as well. Lance Posted on Tuesday, July 01, – Kevin Posted on Wednesday, July 16, – Pt4298gd might fork up a few hundred and purchase a name brand.