: Kitab Al-Jilwah: Book of Revelation (): Sheik Adi, Isya Other Religions, Practices & Sacred Texts > Demonology & Satanism. Before I decided to make my own blog, I did several entries on a friend’s on various issues I take with the use of the Al Jilwah in Satanism. Unfortunately, two of the links in my first blog entry regarding the Al-Jilwah are not working any more. Thankfully, I saved the information.

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What it comes down to is the people – the culture, and this applies to all cultures, which satajists why I make it a point to travel – see what’s out there.

Notify me of new comments via email. These FOUR nucleotides can combine in pairs, in sequences of limitless variety and are bound into place. Then again, this is the evil that men do.

The Ancient Satanic Scriptures

I would definitely put the Yazidi same category of ancient foundation religions as the Sufis and Ethiopian Coptic Christians. It also stated the name of the author of the used text, Isya Joseph, and that said author was one of fiction and poetry.

Unfortunately, two of the links in my first blog entry regarding the Al-Jilwah are not working any more. On the door is written in Arabic: Do you already have an account? It was a place admirably suited to the weird and dreadful rites which Arab Moslems assured me were conducted there in the worship of Satan – including, they insisted, human sacrifice – but I must admit that there was nothing to offer the slightest intimation that it was currently used for such a purpose.

Notify me of new posts via email. Not according to the previously mentioned articles. It’s a simple case of cultures and ideas clashing, the myth of one culture not fitting its parent myth and becoming demonized. Even so, we must move on, criticize, correct, and add to what was contributed in the past in the most mature, intellectual way possible. I don’t know what they would say if you put ” Atheist ,” but definitely don’t put “Satanist. If you are a woman, but sure to wear a headscarf at all times in public no matter how hot it is.


DNA is the basis of Life. It is a long, rectangular ashlar building capped by two tall white cone-shaped towers. Its okay to be who you truly are.

Hardly ancient, the Al-Jilwah was published in the early ‘s and was by all accounts devised as a travel companion to add intrigue for those visiting the Middle East. Even believing that any text could hold all final truths al–jilwah laughable for me. That there is a method to the madness buried deep within the madness all pervasive. Its floor at the foot of the steps was covered with water, which I guessed from the slope to be not more than ankle-deep. If you are curious about Yezidi culture, your best starting point is 6AB.

I suspect you’d agree and even think that I missed your point. Surmounting the doorway to the shrine is a gilt ornament depicting two peacocks and two lions. The Kurds generally avoid it because even the ones who claim Islam have a different take on the subject than most of the Arabs and Persians in the region.

Iran is an unusual combination of nanny state, dictatorship, democracy, and supreme individualism. The Sun and the peacock are very important to Yazidi religion. Having read the Qur’an front to back I can say that there is no mention of Melek Taus by name in it at all. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Fist Fist veteran member Registered: According to the Temple Of Set reading list 3: Satanism and the Al Jilwah [Re: This confusion persists in the Satanic Ritualsin which the names of the two books are interchanged.

Tehran is an great city with lots to see, cool people, and great food and music. You know some Persian! Fellow trailblazers of the Left Hand Path, I leave you this to stimulate your thoughts: He summons armies from the earth itself! Abbreviated A, C, T and G.

Order of the Serpent. Now I know several Satanists who live in Iran. So all in all, it is for you to decide how you approach to Al-Jilwah. They take the Islamic Revolution seriously, and those in Iran who question the authority of their government can end up being charged with “crimes against God.


Satajists am my own scape-goat. I’m happy I got to share some of my favorite lines my friends. They will probably invite you to their homes for dinner, as is customary in Iranian society. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It is our own.

What’s very amusing to me is that I can pronounce what this text says Arabic Script looks like pubic hairs in a urinal at first, but after a while you get used to it I have literally no idea what it says except for words that Farsi has “borrowed” from Arabic – like Ketab and such. This is also one of my favorite verses because this means its okay to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual, asexual, satanisfs.

The Al Jilwah; The Black Book of Satan

It’s interesting to me because I can read and understand Farsi or Persian, if you will Arabic is on my to-do list Modern Standard Arabic, then maybe branch out into Egyptian Arabic once I get comfy actually speaking it. We hope to see you as a part of our community soon! At the foot of the steps where we stopped and stood, we found ourselves in a vaulted cavern, partly natural, it seemed, and partly hewn from the rock, and around a corner the sound of rushing water – a sound which we had heard as a murmur in the upper temple, but had supposed to come from some nearby stream flowing down the mountainside.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: VenusSatanas wrote a book about Al-Jilwah to clear misconceptions that arouse around that text see links at the end of the message. Naturally sharing this observation with the locals would probably not end well.