Anatoly T. Fomenko History: Fiction or Science? Apocalypse was written after a.d. Dr Prof Anatoly Fomenko and team dissect Almagest of “ancient”. Fomenko states, is that human history only stretches back to around CE. Most of what we call ancient history (before ) is a modern invention. We have. The New Chronology is a pseudohistorical theory which argues that the conventional . In volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 of History: Fiction or Science?, Fomenko and his . In at the Moscow International Book Fair, Anatoly Fomenko with his.

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Interesting, I’ve read that it was Constantinople. It is considered that the methods of identification of the age of tiction objects are well checked, and the main thing, very reliable. Astronomical data therein contained is sufficient for unique dating.

Retrieved 9 October The Analysis of Ancient and Medieval Records. For his dating of the Almagest star catalog, Fomenko arbitrarily selected eight stars from the more than stars in the catalog, one of which Arcturus has a large systematic error. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help!

The Issue with Chinese Astronomy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived at the Wayback Machine. And the mankind knows few about its past. From where the iron anatolt appeared in the Ancient Egypt.

[Anatoly Fomenko] History: Fiction or Science (Complete 22 Volume E-Book Series) : CulturalLayer

Either there not enough symbols allowing for astronomical interpretation or the symbols change from one clay tablet to another. These “phantom copies” anatopy often misdated by centuries or even millennia and end up incorporated into conventional chronology. Want to add to the discussion?

Numerous attempts of the researchers to check the theory with practice failed. Having listened to a few chapters of Fomenko’s work, it’s interesting to question the traditional scalagerian chronology.

For each analysed text, a function is devised which maps each year mentioned in the text with the number of pages lines, letters devoted in the text to its description which could be zero.

Bear with the subtitles; this is arguably the Holy Grail of New Chronology.

New Chronology (Fomenko)

Astrophysics and Space Science vol. It seems that these and many other miracles should have made historians look more closely into our past.

In the specific case of dendrochronologyFomenko claims that this fails as an absolute dating method because of gaps in the record. But already at the second half of the 20 century engineers-chemists made expertise of the ancient Egyptian construction ajatoly. Johns Hopkins University Press. Fomenko lists a number of pairs of unrelated dynasties — for example, dynasties of kings of Israel and emperors of late Western Roman Empire AD — and claims that this method demonstrates correlations between their reigns.

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Russia, Turkey, China, Europe, Egypt. How the ancient architects processed sdience moved huge stone blocks? Submit a new text post. A lot of events that actually occurred in the Middle Ages had been sent far into the past. This video presents, in a simplified way, the statistical methods Anatoly Fomenko used ihstory unscramble the previously-accepted historical timeline and derive the accurate record.

Fomenko explains the seemingly vast differences in the biographies of these figures as resulting from difference in languages, points of view and time-frame of the authors of said accounts and sciende.

This article contains embedded lists that may be poorly defined, unverified or indiscriminate. Retrieved 3 May A miracle of the ancient pyramids was found out!

For example, one of the properties is the way of death: Intogether with a few colleagues from the mathematics department of Moscow State Universityhe published several articles on “new mathematical methods in history” in peer-reviewed journals.

His basic assumption is that a text which describes a sequence of events will devote more space to more important events for example, a period of war or an unrest will have much more space devoted to than a period of peacefulnon-eventful yearsand that this irregularity will remain visible in other descriptions of the period. Kluwerin Annals of Science53 Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

[Anatoly Fomenko] History: Fiction or Science? Part 3 – Methods (English Subtitles) : CulturalLayer

Critics allege that many of the supposed correlations of regnal durations are the product of the selective parsing and blending of the dates, events, and individuals mentioned in the original text. Thus, by Fomenko’s chronology, “Russia and Turkey are parts of a previously single empire.

The theory emerged alongside other alternate histories and conspiracy literature in the period of increased freedom of speech that followed the break-up of the Soviet Union.

In at the Moscow International Book Fair, Anatoly Fomenko with his coauthor Gleb Nosovsky were awarded for their books on “New Chronology” the anti-prize called “Abzatz” literally ‘paragraph’, a Russian slang word meaning ‘disaster’ or ‘fiasco’ in the category “Pochotnaya bezgramota” the term is a pun upon “Pochotnaya gramota” Certificate of Honor and may be translated either “Certificate of Dishonor” or literally, “Respectable Illiteracy” for the worst book published in Russia.


Mud Flood in the 19th Century? The vocabulary of Babylonian astronomical symbols once applied to clay tablets don’t allow for extraction of unique dates of eclipses. Book from the collections of unknown library.

GinzburgPseudoscience and the Need to Combat It.


Johns Hopkins University Press sciehce,pp. In Chapter I readers are reminded of when the contemporary chronological scale was created, who created it, and that it had major critics. This study showed that either the description of the phenomena observed at the solar eclipse or of a set of conjunctions of the slow planets SaturnJupiterand Mars were sufficient to equate S.

However, independent dendrochronological sequences beginning with living trees from various parts of North America [52] [53] and Europe [54] [55] extend back 12, years into the past.

Not mentioned, Fomenko is an award winner of the prize of Moscow mathematical societyprize in mathematics of the Presidium of the AS of the USSRaward winner of the State Prize in the field of mathematics of the Russian Federation It makes you really realize how unquestioned these presumptions are, and how ugly the feuds were over it’s establishment and enshrinement as truth. This chronology was largely manufactured by Joseph Justus Scaliger in Opus Novum de emendatione temporum and Thesaurum temporumand represents a vast array of dates produced without any justification whatsoever, containing the repeating sequences of dates with shifts equal to multiples of the major cabbalistic numbers and All these items are precisely grouped and decomposed in ficrion strict chronological order.

When later questioned fivtion these results, Hardouin stated that he would reveal the monks’ reasons in a letter to be revealed only after his death. According to Fomenko’s claims, the written history of humankind goes only as far back as ADthere is almost no information about events between AD —, and most known historical events took place in AD —