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date BS EN is withdrawn and BS EN and BS EN In addition IEC and IEC have been amended, clarified and. For each type of electrical AssEMBLY only two parts of the standard are necessary to determine all requirements: the basic standard IEC “ General rules. What changes does BS EN bring? • New testing procedure including design and routine verification. • Alternative testing routes. • Clear requirements for.

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The following dates were fixed: NOTE 2 For the purpose of this standard, the pollution degree is of the micro-environment.

Then the power losses must be calculated 4using the formula given above accordingly.

BS EN – Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. General rules

Moderate condensation should be borne in mind which may occasionally occur due to variations in temperature. As an dn the original manufacturer shall provide data on the suitability of materials from the insulating material supplier to demonstrate compliance with the 6139-1 of 8. This Part 1 of the EN series alone does not give presumption of conformity with the essential requirements of the EMC Directive without another relevant part of ej series e.

You may opt out if you wish, please accept to continue. The minimum length to a star point hs be reduced to 1,2 m where agreed by the original manufacturer. We have lifting eyes held in a 2 rack system, each time an eye is used it is returned to the lower rack, once all the eyes from the top rack are used the racks are swapped over — this ensures rotation of all the lifting eyes on an even basis during the year. Protection for safety — Protection against voltage disturbances and electromagnetic disturbances IEC Where there is insufficient incoming current to load a representative selection of outgoing units, further configurations may be tested.

July against electric shock IEC Low voltage electrical installations – – – Part Item G in Table A. All necessary information relating to the other declared classifications and characteristics see 5.


Co-ordination of switching devices and components, for example co-ordination of motor starters with short-circuit protective devices, shall comply with the relevant IEC standards.

Eb 13 provides clarification on items not requiring additional tests.

These product parts call up the applicable EMC requirements of EN for assemblies within their specific scope. Power switchgear and controlgear assemblies 1 Scope This clause of Part 1 is applicable except as follows. These parts 614391 be fitted with a protective conductor PE whose cross-sectional area is in accordance with Table 3 depending on the highest rated operational current I of the eapparatus attached or, if the rated operational current of the attached apparatus is less than or equal to 16 A, an equivalent electrical connection especially designed and verified for this purpose sliding contact, hinges protected against corrosion.

BS EN 低压开关设备和控制设备装配模块.电源开关设备和控制设备装配模块 – MBA智库文档

Clearance is the shortest air 661439-1 over the top of the rib. The removable and withdrawable parts may be provided with an insertion interlock see 3.

If apparatus with a voltage exceeding the limits of extra-low voltage are attached to lids, doors, or cover plates additional measures shall be taken to ensure earth continuity. NOTE 2 The main busbar in this context is a single busbar or a combination of single busbars that are normally connected in service e.

For PEN conductors, the following additional requirements apply: Clearance is the shortest direct air path over the joint is less than creepage distance over top of the barrier. When the protective conductor is an insulated single-core cable, this colour identification shall be used, preferably throughout the whole length. For each functional unit the power 61439–1 is calculated at the maximum possible current using the data given by the device manufacturer for each device together with the power losses of the associated conductors.

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BS EN 61439-1:2011

To 6439-1 that our lifting methods and procedures are compliant we have conducted independent tests on sample products covering the areas listed in this clause. Both determine the approximate air temperature rise inside the enclosure, which is caused by the power losses of all circuits, and compare this temperature with the limits for the installed equipment. If the operating conditions require maximum continuity of supply, the settings or selection of the short-circuit protective devices within the ASSEMBLY should, where possible, be so co- Licensed Copy: The functional unit shall be mounted in the enclosure as in normal use with all covers and all internal partitions in place.

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In order to consider the most onerous condition, the test shall be een out at rated current and the test current shall pass through the full length of the distribution busbar. The thermometers or rn shall be protected against air currents and heat radiation. NOTE If components, for example relays, electronic equipment, are used which are 614391 designed for these conditions, appropriate steps should be taken to ensure proper operation.

The ASSEMBLY is ba by loading the incoming circuit to its rated current and all outgoing functional units collectively to their rated current multiplied by the diversity factor.

The values are given in Tables J. Other requirements and other EC Directives may be applicable to the products falling within the scope of this standard.

In general, auxiliary circuits shall be protected against the effects of short circuits. This publication does not purport to include all the necessary provisions of acontract. Ensembles d’appareillage Teil 2: No IP codes can be given unless the appropriate verifications have been made according to Want access to British Standards?

Table 8 — Power-frequency withstand voltage for main circuits Deformation of the enclosure or of the internal partitions, barriers and obstacles due to short-circuit is permissible to the extent that the degree of protection is not impaired and the clearances or creepage distances are not reduced to values, which are less than those specified in 8. During these tests we have established a watt loss for various compartment sizes in relation to the other compartments within the assembly.

NOTE In polyphase circuits, it is the voltage between phases.