Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Patricia Highsmith (Estados Unidos, ) esta Extraños en un tren (Compactos) (Spanish Edition) – Kindle edition by Patricia Highsmith, Jordi Beltrán Ferrer. Download it once and read it on your . Extraños en un tren [Patricia Highsmith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Barcelona. 22 cm. p. Encuadernación en tapa dura de. Extranos en un tren [Patricia Highsmith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Guy is bumbling and very weak. The writing is beautiful and intimate. Guy, however, is plagued by guilt, and confesses the double murder to Miriam’s former lover.

I would recommend Strangers on a Train to those who like to read thrillers and mysteries. He idealises Eh in exactly the same creepy way Ripley idealises Dickie Greenleaf.

The movie itself has plot holes – only to be expected in any Hitchcock film, as he himself touts his use of the MacGuffin – but the director always gets away with it because of his masterly handling of pace and suspense.

Strangers on a Train (novel) – Wikipedia

Do yourself a favor and keep your nose in a book. Oatricia that, I was just ready for it to be over. While I did enjoy the novel, I felt that Highsmith worked too hard to convey that message, and that it could have been a hundred pages shorter. This song is bipolar. I usually have a hard time reading the book once I have watched the movie, but Patricia Highsmith’s novel is very different than Hitchcock’s adaptation When I was in my 20s- living in Toronto and traveling on the train to visit my parents 4 hours away- I always thought there was nothing worse than trying to read my book while having some annoying fellow passenger highs,ith to start a conversation It is no surprise then that, when patrcia turned her talent towards writing crime fiction, she concentrated not on the whodunit questions, but on the motivations and the twisted reasonings rn the mind of the killers.


Take the concepts of good and evil, for example, each one can only exist thanks to the existence of the other, they cannot exist without each other. Now, why am I talking about Hitchcock? I’m not surprised Alfred Hitchcock found this book worthy inspiration for his film. Her first novel, Strangers on a Trainwas made into a classic film by Alfred Hitchcock in However, in my view, the novel does not meet the expectations created in the first chapters, and I regret to say that, despite my admiration for Patricia Highsmith, I have to admit that Strangers on a Train has somewhat disappointed me.

Strangers on a Train First edition cover. In this bighsmith Guy can not exist without Bruno. The narrator was very whiny and he raised his voice a lot when reading in Bruno’s extrraos and it kind of irritated me while listening with headphones.

Review: Strangers on a Train () by Patricia Highsmith – A Crime is Afoot

It just left a bad taste to be implying by slight of hand that any man that has feelings for another man has to be a psychopath. Johnson rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jun 27, Caroline rated it liked it Shelves: Guy, an hihhsmith architect, is talking to a stranger, Bruno, on a train and for some bad reason he spills all the details about his train wreck of a personal life: We don’t get a good handle on Miriam.

Guy does kill Bruno’s Dad. I honestly hated Bruno’s sections the worst. Guy who is dumb as a box as hair decides to tell Bruno about his personal life instead of untangling himself from him.

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Jul 06, Dan Schwent rated it it was ok Shelves: The duality of the weak versus the strong determines the outcome of the two people who meet on the train. For me, it was unbelievable. One of these strangers, Charles Bruno, is an extremely well imagined sociopath, while the other, Guy, is a mild mannered architect whose role in this story I never entirely accept. Guy reveals that he is angry with his ex-wife for sleeping with another man and becoming pregnant with his child.

My edition contains a fascinating introduction to Patriicia Highsmith, who was by all accounts an extremely focused and peculiar woman.

But what to do? Dec 07, Tara rated it liked it Shelves: Bruno is a nasty smell that just won’t go away. Guy turns himself over to the detective immediately. The only authentic piece in this book really was Guy feeling horror and disgust of Bruno when this first comes up. Su divorcio va a permitirle casarse con su actual pareja, Anne.

Espera reunirse con su esposa Miriam. Xetraos novel ‘Deep Water’,was called by the Sunday Times one of the “most brilliant analyses of psychosis in America” and Julian Symons once wrote of her “Miss Highsmith is the writer who fuses character and plot most successfully Oh, yes, he had felt terrific power!