Path of the Warrior written by Gav Thorpe is the first book in the Path of the Eldar Series. It follows Korlandril, starting from the Path of the Artisan, to and through. Gav Thorpe . Death was no stranger to those that trod the Path of the Warrior. turned to Ulthanesh, second greatest warrior of the eldar, sword-bearer, raven-. Bellarius takes a look at the first installment of the recently ended Path of the Eldar series by Gav Thorpe and published by Black Library.

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Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. While his characters were somewhat human, at the same time, they felt extremely alien to me. I found myself flicking through pages with no real inclination to read them in depth which is a marked difference from Dan Abnett and Graham McNeill, who both write gripping and vivid battle scenes.

As well as the way they fight. This initially sounds good until you see how it is implemented, by having the protagonist think back thirty seconds and realise what he has done. In order to deal with his turbulent emotions, he finds release in the expression of his anger in battle.

I am a newcomer to this universe but it is only with this slice of pulp fiction about the Eldar by Gav Thorpe that truly won me over. Instead we get Korlandril throwing frustrated fits because apparently his art is flawed, which leads him to become a striking scorpion.


It is pulpy, filled with backdrop and few memorable characters, but Gav Thorpe’s poetic prose and deep thinking is addictive. During his transformation, Gav Thorpe truly did give an exquisite representation of what it is like to become an Aspect Warrior. If the author wanted to make them feel different to humans, having a conventional human mind talking for a few paragraphs would pat emphasise upon their alien nature. Though, I will admit, it fits with waarrior story itself and makes sense.

However Thorpe has written thorpr books than this one so don’t judge him on this book alone.

Instead we get Korlandril throwing frustrated fits because apparently his art is flawedwhich leads him to become a striking scorpion. Apr 29, Cody Grey rated it it was ok.

But the further Korlandril travels down this path, the closer he gets to losing his identity and becoming an avatar of war. Our hero seemed to spend a lifetime of plot developments in a few hundred pages. On the one hand, I absolutely loved seeing more of the mysterious Eldar culture. His works include the hugely popular Angels of Darkness, the Last Chancers series and the ongoing epic tale of The Sundering. The main character is downright frustrating to read. This is not helped by the speed at which he apparently becomes a great warrior.

Path of the Warrior (Path of the Eldar Series): Gav Thorpe: : Books

His dry manner of writing should have been perfect for the eldar who focus upon self-restraint and control but he dropped the ball here. Thanks thd telling us about the problem.


Follow’s an emotional journey as someone loses themself in war and battle. It is interesting to see the different Paths these three will take, and how it changes their relationships.

Path of the Warrior

As an eldar player I’ve always been intrigued by the mysterious eldar, and of course I jumped at the chance to read a novel, not only about them, but told from their perspective. Interesting departure from the normal space marine fare in the warhammer 40k world. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. If the author wanted to make them feel different to humans, having a conventional human mind talking for a few paragraphs would help emphasise upon their alien nature.

When Korlandril takes his first steps onto the Path of the Warrior, the tale remains entertaining enough although much of the training segments feel as though they should have the ‘Montage’ song from Team America: Apr 07, Parker rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hand of Asuryan Phoenix Lords.

Very crisp and stark. I was glad when it was over. Gav Thorpe seemed more interested in describing fashion than fights. Share your thoughts with other customers.