Enterprise Linux System Administration. Course Summary. Description. This is an in-depth course that explores installation, configuration and maintenance of. GL Enterprise Linux Systems Administration: RHEL6 SLES11 [Guru Labs L.C.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Advance your learning in GL – Enterprise Linux System Administration with NetCom. NetCom Learning uses vendor-sanctioned Vendor Neutral – Technical.

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GL250 – Enterprise Linux System Administration

SELinux Policy Tools Approaches to Storing User Accounts 2. Hardware and System Clock Frage zum Kurs Falls sie ein Mensch sind, lassen sie dieses Feld leer.

The Process Troubleshooting Basics: Inability to Boot Remote Storage Overview 2. These short, instructor-written tests are an objective measure of your current skills that help us determine whether or not you will be able to meet your goals by attending this course at your current skill level.

Our required skill-assessments ensure that: Michael has over 22 years of professional experience in the IT field, including more than a decade as a Certified Trainer. Remote Filesystem Protocols 3.

GL250 Enterprise Linux System Administration

Querying and Verifying with RPM 7. Like all Guru Labs courses, the course material is designed to provide extensive hands-on experience. Booting Linux on PCs 7. Linux Runlevels Aliases Logical Volume Management 2.


Information from ss and netstat Alternatives to UPG Read what students had to say about their experience at NetCom. Partitioning Disks with parted 4. Next Class Dates Contact us to customize this class with your own dates, times and location.

Common Boot Options Anaconda: Sam Polsky has since co-founded a consulting firm where he has been involved in software architecture, development and implementation. Handling Module Dependencies He is a one of a kind trainer – he has been working in the IT field since and is an expert in CVB.

Array Creation with mdadm Starting and Stopping Interfaces 9. Log Anomaly Detector File Creation Permissions with umask PAM Module Types 3. He is also an Adobe specialist and holds a degree in Graphic Design.

Changing LVM Components 8. He shares his knowledge and experience in a very focused and clear way, which students find very enticing.

Network Configuration with ip Command 6. Linux Network Interfaces 4.

We stay committed to providing you real value. Ginger’s experience with Microsoft Dynamics is unparalleled. He is a full time instructor at NetCom Learning and we couldn’t be happier in having him as one of our Subject Matter Experts.

Resizing a GPT Partition with gdisk 3. Initial RAM Filesystem Carmille is passionate about educating and has a unique talent for making complex design and development principals seem “easy” to students from all levels of expertise. Joseph demonstrates a straightforward, down-to-earth teaching style in order to reach students at widely differing levels of expertise. Creating Logical Volumes 4.


Legacy Support for SysV init 6. Working With RPMs 6. He has trained over students at Netcom Learning since and his evaluation scores average 8.

On top of that, Sam has been delivering acclaimed solutions in software architecture, development and implementation for over adminiistration years. YUM Repository Groups Configuring Disk Quotas In addition to teaching and developing courses for the past 10 years, Joseph has authored course materials for many AutoDesk courses.

SuSE Security Checker 4.

GL – Enterprise Linux System Administration Training Course | Certification Exam

With almost 30, enrollments Jose has been able to teach Python and its Data Science libraries to thousands of students. Hot Courses Sale – Our bestselling courses discounted to fit your end of year budget Learn More. His extensive product knowledge and exuberant teaching style makes Joseph a consistently highly rated instructor at NetCom Learning.

This assessment is for your benefit and best taken without any preparation or reference materials, so your skills can be objectively measured.