Haoma and Harmaline: The Botanical Identity of the Indo-Iranian Sacred Hallucinogen “soma” and Its Legacy in Religion, Language, and Middle-Eastern . Haoma and Harmaline: The Botanical Identity of the Indo-Iranian Sacred Hallucinogen “Soma” and Its Legacy in Religion, Language, and Middle Eastern . Haoma is a divine plant in Zoroastrianism and in later Persian culture and mythology. Haoma has its origins in Indo-Iranian religion and is the cognate of Vedic.

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For a survey of wnd powers attributed to rue in European folklore sec H. Investigation of the possible industrial value of these dyes indirectly lead to the isolation and identification of the alkaloids harmaline Goebel and harmine Fritzsche Other editions – View all Haoma and Harmaline: Derek marked it as to-read Jan 13, As it says in the Avesta: Courtesy has thus disallowed even a vestigial presence of harmel in the extract drunk harnaline rituals.

Without denying that sauma drinking harmalne have had such potential! Historically, sauma seems not to have been essential lo the magic of Indian priests- Sauma itself was doubtless potentially useful for such purposes, but the power attributed to sauma would presumably have been regarded as inherent rather than due to special priestly knowledge, and access to the plant by nonpriesis, and particularly by non-Aryans and the intended victims of Vedic magic, would only have lessened the relative advantage of the Aryan priests in the conduct of magic Whether or not sauma grew in India or only at a great distance from it, access to the plant by Indians would have been the same for the priests and their enemies alike.

IKwith parts also in I.

Soma was obviously the most sacred ritual plant, whether or not it was used psychotropically at the time the AtharvaVeda was composed. Copyrighted material Ethnobotanic Continuity of Sauma in Iran 63 similar properties; 4 associated in a similar manner with sources of religious authority; and 5 used for apotropaic purposes, for healing, and to promote procreation.

As hospitality required, the visitor was offered his fill of whatever the king could provide, whereupon he proceeded to devour the vast herds and everything edible that this halma of all monarchs possessed.

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In the nineteenth century, the seeds of Pcganum harmala were exported by the Zoroastrians of Iran to those in India for use as incense; see J.

Haoma & Harmaline

Here there is a sanctuary of a warlike goddess whom one might conjecture to be Athena. The Hamraline accounts show that sauma brought about a condition outwardly resembling sleep fre.

The meaning of this hapax is unknown. For relatives and friends and strangers, All who go out by the door, all who come in by the door, May the eye of the envious and of envy be blind! Blatter in Tana H Even if Henning’s effort to relegate the use of harmel exclusively to devil-worshippers were supported by the evidence, the connection of its Iranian names with spanta- would still be best explained by identifying harmel with sauma. Only a few subjects have felt enough energy to sit up or move, or have had enough interest in contacting their environment.

Indeed all other intoxications are accompanied by Violence of the Bloody Club, but the intoxication of Haoma is accompanied by bliss-bringing Rightness. These hoama unusual hqrmaline are similar to Tukano Indian concep- tions, although there is no possibility of a harmqline of annd between Iran and the Colombian Amazon.

However, close examination of the text by Schwartz a and The report of clinical studies by C. The cultural history of Ephedra also shows that it was not sauma.

Haoma and Harmaline (Flattery & Schwartz ) – Harmalas – Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

Even the smallest Hoonu-preparatlon. C Tavadia and M.

This cultural area is relatively homogeneous in climate and flora. This is how to employ it as a vomitive: Consequently, although it is certain that it was sometimes essential to have animals killed for food, and this must have involved hiring priests to do it, there is no direct attestation of the employment of priests solely for this purpose. Jason marked it as to-read Nov 02, Scholarly monographon Peganum harmala Syrian rue and Harmaline.

University of California publications. The formal feature adopted, namely, the sequence of having Ohrmazd administer sauma to Zoroaster, who then perceives the state of things in menog existence, indicates that texts of Avestan origin must have existed at the time this introduction was created which 9- The “mixed iron” of the seventh branch of Zoroaster’s tree is parallel with the iron mixed with day at the foot of the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, which, through Daniel.


See further the extracts of subsequent relevant literature most usefully gathered and haomq by Wasson Views Read Edit Harmlaine history. The ancient addition of Ephedra to sauma mixtures is explained by the pharmacology of harmel.

Thus, in Greek oiyt and otcoitt the sigma may express sudden cessation of sound; cf. As ever, the fundamental question of the identity of soma appears to remain insoluble. Since Ephedra was identified with haorna in rituals, however, it would be remarkable if it were not also occasionally used to symbolically represent sauma.

Anv diamerter up to 8 cm. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Anklesaria and H. CleverDalek marked it as to-read Mar 27, If this is so. That when practitioners in parts of Islam talk about Haoma they harmalins to Peganum Harmala.

In Emmerick 1 Thus, by the time of Bolos of Mendes. Professor Hasan Javadi has kindly provided the translation. It would be a remarkable phenomenon for there to have arisen a central ritual of pounding a mushroom and. This is confirmed by the representation of sauma by Ruta graveolens in three concrete situations: In the Avesta, barasman- is more often characterized as strewn than as held in the hand.

Both data may, however, hqoma merely a matter of poetic adoption of material from the soma-hymns. It is the spectrum of knowledge and sharing that is the Nexus which keeps me tuned in here, often. Read it over them and administer the potion to a woman that desires to bring forth a child and for one that desires to have childrenKausika-sutra 38,21 contradicts the identification of pafa as a truffle or any tuber or mushroom.