From a recovering addict, musician, and tattooed indie culturist: a guidebook for today’s generation of spiritual misfits who crave a dogma-free path. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Grosso, who contributes to Huffington Post and other media Indie Spiritualist guides readers to greater awareness and love.” ( Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now) “You awaken your True spirit by way of the. Indie Spiritualist has ratings and 33 reviews. Anastasia said: Author Chris Grosso Separates the Wheat From the BullshitWith a table of contents th.

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The author shares his story of addiction and recovery and his spiritual journey in a way that is relatable for everyone. Again, that may be my anal-retentitiveness speaking as well as a bit of laziness we all have our weaknesses right?

I counted down the days for every other Wednesday. Mar 23, Kev Page rated it liked it. It is an unflinching look at both the beauty and the grotesque and is a brave work in this respect. I hope one day to write a book and do workshops and public speaking stuff. It has opened my eyes so much compared to other books I have read. Paperbackpages. I am so grateful for everything you do. He shortly there after mentioned Neil Gaiman, Pema, and Noah and won back my heart. Perhaps the intention is to inspire the reader to go and do some spiritual seeking and research, but for those who are already dedicated to a particular tradition, it would have been useful to have some of these definitions available.

It’s not your run of the mill book about spirituality and that’s what makes it such a great read. Dec 23, Tanya McGinnity rated it really liked it. Open Preview See a Problem?


site | The Indie Spiritualist

I did appreciate much of what he wrote regarding spiritualism though. Thank you so much for everything you do to help others and thank you for inspiring and empowering me! Not Spiritualistt, Messenger — David shares about his experience not only working with the legendary Bob Marley, but more importantly, their friendship and how it changed his life.

It’s a great, down-to-earth account of the truth of the author’s own experiences and offers helpful, indje insights and practices.

How does one write an introduction about spending an hour of his life interviewing Danny Trejo? You can find infinite books explaining that we’ve all got the answers to all of our questions within but Indie Spir This book is raw, brutally honest and straight forward.

Chris Grosso The Indie Spiritualist

Oh, and as much as I am a fan of highlighting certain ideas with swearing to create more power, he was overusing and using f-bombs in the wrong places. Preview — Indie Spiritualist by Chris Grosso. Feb 27, Inge Bird rated it it was amazing. Chris is very humble and self-effacing but he should be very proud of this book.

Refresh and try again. I couldn’t get any of the links to work listed splritualist the book.

I enjoyed this book. Dec 06, Camilla rated it liked it. He has definitely succeeded doing this. He shares many of the teachings that resonate with him as well as recounts experiences and mentors that helped him on his spiritual path.

Miguel Chen is the bassist for punk rock band Teenage Bottlerocket, as well as a Buddhist practitioner and a yoga-teacher in training at Blossom Yoga Studio spirifualist Laramie, Wyoming.


I also found his recommendations on further reading to be quite good. Tommy is the founder of Recovery 2. First, he combines his personal narrative, which is all at once frightening, heart-breaking, and inspirational, with the interviews from leading personalities in the spirituality, music, or punk world sorry that’s such a mixed bag of classifications.

Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality

By contrast, in India, Yogis own no possessions, but a loincloth and a begging bowl; yoga is an inward spiritual practice that requires no trendy accessories, only solitude.

Fight Club doesn’t even get an honorable mention in the film section? Because of your support in workshops and in your books I am working towards my dreams. Jul 17, Steven rated it it was amazing. Jonas Elrod is a southern writer and director, grew up in GA with a deep appreciation for story as a means for change. It was like listening to a friend telling you stories of his life that got him to where he is now.

Lewis, and Chris Grosso shares with us the dark nights of his soul, and his journey to how he found peace, freedom and liberation.

So good job and I would love to read more in the future. I was able to make the decision to call a friend to pick me up from the train instead of spriitualist to buy drugs. It’s a multimedia project. Loved his transparency and honesty and desire to help others using his buddhist learnings.