academic life as tenure and collegial governance. *Direct all correspondence to: James E. Perley, Department of Biology, Mateer Hall, College of Wooster. During my four years of service as President of the AAUP, higher education has been under increasing critical scrutiny and these examinations of the academy. View the profiles of professionals named James Perley on LinkedIn. There are 16 professionals named James Perley, who use LinkedIn to exchange.

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Additional teaching pressure can come from politicians who-seeking favor with taxpayers-repeatedly push public university administrators to improve classes.

The report is the product of somewhat intricate national AAUP politics. Where senate leaders find themselves asked to serve on the various committees associated with the planning process, they are often selected by administrators, rather than elected by the faculty, either directly or through their academic senate.

Smaller schools-particularly those that enroll undergraduates only-have traditionally emphasized teaching over research. AREA is designed to fund smaller studies that might normally lose out to proposals from prolific faculty at large research institutions.

It is not by any stretch of the imagination “a compromise report” of two radically opposed factions as claimed. What the critic of the Report regards as “longwindedness” is what gives the report its credibility and persuasiveness. Martin Trow stresses the importance of departmental resources as opposed to size. Informally, researchers agree that differently sized departments offer classic pros and cons.

Overall, there is, again, not enough recognition of the politics that we face.

James Perley, Former AAUP President, Dies at 77 | AAUP

It pauses at intervals to make comments about how unnecessary and inappropriate Committee A finds post-tenure review, but the result is a tepid presentation, tenufe it should be perleey ringing endorsement of tenure and the principles underlying it It is remarkable that, despite the plethora of relevant studies on faculty productivity and related issues, there are no data quoted in the entire document nor any referral to these studies.


First of all, the role of the faculty in the process is not spelled out with any precision. Further, the question of how the standards, rules and procedures are to be formulated is clarified by the report’s references to faculty involvement.

When the discussion resumed, a motion was passed that asked that the Council withdraw its approval of the report as policy and that it be published in Academe for review and comment by members across the country. But I wouldn’t be in this business if I didn’t find that fun. In many cases these procedures would, if adopted, allow for the firing of faculty members without peer review and without access to those due process protections required by the AAUP which had become an essential feature of practice protecting the profession.

Missing Link in Whale Evolutionary History. There is no specification as to how the faculty members who are to perform these tasks are to be chosen. Paul Gross notes that specialization in science today makes department size irrelevant.

The strategic planning processes that have become so common at many universities typically bypass the academic senate in the selection of faculty representatives.

A subsequent committee was formed with representation from the Roworth Committee and Committee A to consider the differences between the two committees. Thus, many who are steady research producers and good teachers well might be candidates for post-tenure review. Wooster is a small place. Discuss it among yourselves and with your local officers. Committee A discussed the report extensively in early June and adopted it unanimously.

The grievant ought to have access to a grievance procedure that puts the appeal before an independent arbitrator with the power to review the entire case, both procedurally and substantively, and to amend or reverse the decision.

The Debate over Post-Tenure Review

Under these circumstances, juggling peley and tejure can be stressful-particularly for professors in small state schools that may have limited resources, notes Terrence Russellexecutive director of the Association for Institutional Re- search, a Tallahassee, Fla.

But the state legislature then puts the screws on in terms of teaching load. In this view, the Woodstock generation grew up or perhaps didn’t to become today’s faculty members and are corrupting our youth. For example, the report states that the post-tenure review program should, “at the least, involve faculty members in their design and implementation. Only universities are divided that way.

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That’s the invisible college at work. The report, endorsed by Committee A on Tenure, is being published for review and comment jqmes the membership in the forthcoming issue of Academe.

AAUP practice always calls for accuracy of information and fair debate when alternate views exist, and the membership jamrs have a range of opinion available to them so they may make reasoned judgments on issues of vital importance to the Association and the profession.

It is precisely this balanced treatment of challenging issues that has historically given AAUP statements their force within the academy — and this Report indeed, shortly after its release, persuaded administrators in Alaska to back away from a wrongheaded proposal on post-tenure review. Perley, however, tenuure studied and worked in big schools, including the University of Michigan and Wayne State University. The e-mail addresses of your state and national officers from Michigan are all listed in the masthead on page 2.

Content, as it turns out.

The people that most determine your career success are going to be those who [review] your grants, decide if your papers get published, et cetera. But that’s not to say research isn’t important to me.

James Perley

In a small department, that may be a serious problem. By pushing for instituting post-tenure review processes, administrators get themselves off the hook. Few studies have compared faculty satisfaction in big and small departments.

Still, faculty in big departments typically enjoy more resources than do their small-school peers, from overhead-administrative funds for faculty travel, lab equipment, research assistants, and the like-to outside funding.