The infamous inspiration for the novel which slowly corrupts Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray is translated by Robert Baldick with an introduction by. : Against Nature: A Rebours (Oxford World’s Classics) ( ): Joris-Karl Huysmans, Nicholas White, Margaret Mauldon: Books. Against Nature by Joris-Karl Huysmans is a novel in which very little happens; Huysmans’ great A Rebour (perhaps better translated Against the Grain), is a.

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Images like a jewel-encrusted tortoise perishing under its own weight have a mythic quality and chapters can seem like individual exercises, tied together by the Des Esseintes plot such as it islike the master narrative of the Arabian Nights or a collection jois-karl Dickensian short stories.

Society attacks them in all the standard ways: University of Delaware Press, pp. Occasionally a few general over-the-top swipes at humanity in this one, but mostly it’s an appreciation of the artistic excrescences of human existence. See 2 questions about Against Nature…. I can’t fault Huysmans, though, for the superhuman patience and diligence it must have taken to write such a book in such unbelievable detail.

He thinks of Little Dorrit and Bleak House.

À rebours – Wikipedia

Could I really argue for a parallel between the two books? Since this book haunts me, and now that I’m recognizing it as an unsung precursor to the modern novel, I’ve elevated it to my favorites shelf.

Anthony,” for Des Esseintes–the novel’s protagonist–is a saint of the senses, and on his path to enlightenment he encounters demons, delusions and disease. Richard Ellmann describes the effect of the book in his biography of Oscar Wilde:.


Against Nature

I was confused, disappointed and embarrassed. Unsurprisingly, Des Essientes expends much enthusiasm on a few writers whose incidental prose exceeds their overall literary vision, and this may be the case here. It will be something nobody has ever done before, and I shall have said what I want to say At other times he will think on qualities of pieces that at his point in time had not yet been composed, accrediting his thoughts that those who concern themselves with certain ideals will not find themselves content with the current age.

Sure, some gets in, but our defenses keep a lot out. It is the misanthropy of the problem child who does things he knows he mustn’t do–not because he enjoys them, but out of a desire to betray the image of authority he has created in his mind.

Published May 1st by Penguin first published Or had I pushed coincidence too far and seen connections where none exist?

Just a terrible, terrible mistake. However, DNFing joris-karrl me such deep lingering doubts and guilt that I end up putting the book back on my to-reads and starting all over again.

But he also shows unsurprisingly that it’s a damn sight more enjoyable for those who are natural misanthropes and recluses.

The main dude, also, is extraneurotic, extraordinarily rich, aestheticized to the extreme, and willfully isolated from the world. The rest of this review is available elsewhere the location cannot be given for Goodreads policy reasons Huymans views his protagonist with devastating irony, particularly in the frequent juxtaposition of grandiose schemes with physical illnesses and practical and psychological failings.

We conflate Coca Cola with comfort and familiarity, the Nike swoosh with athletic ability, Mickey Mouse with childhood; our idea of how relationships work is based on yoghurt commercials. He builds a new home for himself with the intent of isolation, ojris-karl pretty much exists within his own material possessions, compl Well, I can honestly say I’ve never read anything like it, nor have I encountered a character as oddly loveable and annoying as Des Huuysmans.


It will appeal to anyone with an appreciation for good literature, jors-karl, and music.

Against Nature (A Rebours) by Joris-Karl Huysmans | : Books

Moreau painted many versions of this scene and story, but I believe this is one huysmnas the amazing paintings specifically referred to in the text: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It was a masterpiece of articiality.

Highly recommended for the adventurous! May 22, Bill Kerwin rated it it was amazing Shelves: We are also provided joris-kqrl detail of, among other luxurious, lavish, plush, extravagant belongings, his vast library of rare books, ancient and modern, and his marvelous collection of paintings and prints.

Keely rated it it was ok Shelves: The idea of therapy is to take things that are hidden within febours brain–biases, prejudices, hangups, fears, hab The hipsters are right: That’s what society is: Motte, Dean De La He grows to scorn his fellow man: