Kumarasambhavam with Mallinatha’s Sanskrit Commentary .. Kumarasambhavam in Telugu is available at Kumarasambhavam Champu. by Ramanath. Publication date Collection millionbooks; universallibrary. Language Telugu. This book. Mahakavi Kalidasu KumaaraSambhavam (మహాకవి కాళిదాసు కుమారసంభవం) in Telugu by Jayanthi Publications – Download ebook.

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Kashinath Nyaupane, You will find them at the following post — http: For guidance to download books from DLI, visit http: I think you did not read it properly. Your email address will not be published.

Kumara Sambhavam,Retala Gopala Krishna,Kalidasu – online Telugu Books

Aditi, Hindi translation of Kumarasambhavam is available at https: It is great to see such a good work being well maintained and updated.

Krishna, The link below the blog post contains English translation of 5th canto. Without seeing Himalayaya no khmarasambhavam can depict about Kalash and Himalaya.

Also read the following discussion at Samskrita Google group https: Sanskrit Wiki Page on Kalidasa 2. Myself rajya shree pls send me teluvu kumarasambhavam in kannada.

Kumara-Sambhavam of Kalidasa – Sanskrit & English

He was born in Uttrakhand At the route of Kedarnath shrine a place called Guptakashi near it the village Kabitha is his birth place. I got english translation but not explanation.


Ghanshyamji, Namaste I read your comment requesting to know more good sites on Sanskrit. Likewise, Shiva had cut short the desire for love through passionate meditation. You will get links to many Sanskrit sites and resources from the blog — http: You may have to borrow it from a library or buy a copy of it.

I am not sure whether the following is the verse that you are looking for. Ashtami, There are several ebooks of Sanskrit poetry at http: And any any online source? Where can I download? I would like, for study purpose, a copy of the 12th canto of Raghuvamsa by Mahakavi Kalidasa, in devnagari script.

You will find them at the following post — http: If you ask this query at Kumarasambahvam Google groupsome scholars might help you. He grew up and slew the demon Tarakasur and re-established peace and glory of Lord Indra and kumarassambhavam divine world.

You could download the ebook from the links given above. Manvi, I assume that it is for your exam. I am looking for ganesh and kartikeya marriage story in sanskrit.


Rajesh, You will find it in Kumarasambhavam edited with notes by MR Kale which is in the first download link. It is verse no. Kumarasambhava essentially talks about the courtship of Lord Shiva and Parvati.

Giving below links to English translations of Kumarasambhava and Raghuvamsa. Why should search again te,ugu it in the DLI? Sir I want to manidweepa Sanskrit slokas in telugu lipi, kmarasambhavam in telugu varnana.

Hindi translation of the above verse is available at the following link. Aarshya, You will find plenty of Teluyu verses kuarasambhavam these two webpages.

You will find plenty of Sanskrit verses at these two webpages.

I hope it will be sufficient for your purpose. Kumarasambhava with English translation and explanation is available at DLI.

The chapters you mentioned are there in them. Naveen, I have rectified the link. I was looking for it.

I assume that it is for your exam.