Drum (Falconhurst) by Kyle Onstott – book cover, description, publication history. Drum is a American film based on the Kyle Onstott novel of the same name. It was released by United Artists and is a sequel to the film Mandingo, released. Kyle Onstott was an American novelist, known for his best-selling novel Mandingo (), Lance Horner); Falconhurst Fancy; Flight to Falconhurst; Master of Falconhurst; The Tattooed Rood; Drum; Strange Harvest (with Ashley Carter).

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First time reading this book, it was for a friend who wanted help writing her book report for her class. Onstott writes with a ruthless skill quite uncomplicated by any real sense of moral obligation to either his subject matter or his readers, despite the fact that his sympathies are basically in the proper place.

In my opinion, it gave a very different aspect of the south, slavery, and the unique relationship that exists between the African-American’s even of today. Drum Theatrical release poster. This is a well read soft cover with edge wear, cover scuff; the pages are tanned but supple.

All edges clean, neat and free of foxing. We aim to get all books dispatched from our warehouse within 24 hours of order.

With savage power and unflinching detail, this story sweeps away the old myths of the benevolent master, the fragile Southern Belle and the humble, happy slave.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Well, poor Tamboura is shit outta luck because some of his jealous family members plot against him in an effort to usurp his right of tribal leadership succession and successfully drug and kidnap him, selling him into slavery to an Arab flesh-trader rather than kill him outright, which would have offended the spirits.


The earliest known records for intentional castration or force celibacy to produce eunuchs are from the Sumerian city of Lagash in the 21st century BC. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. With the first of MANDINGO’s sequels, ‘s DRUM, Onstott acknowledges the contributions of his “good friend and collaborator, Lance Horner, to whom I am profpundly obligated for the assistance he has given me and without whose insistence, aid, and persistent encouragement this book would never have been finished.

Accessories such as CD, codes, toys, and dust jackets may not be included. May 31, 0neir0s rated it really liked it Shelves: Apr 29, Joan Noble rated it really liked it.


This page was last updated: I think a book called “Mandingo” basically started the “Plantation” fiction craze and this was a follow-up to that. What makes Biblio different?

Each third of this long but fast-paced book is thus an almost independent novelette. Has dfum crinkling and staining. We take pride in serving you.

So thank you, anonymous person on the internets, for saying it straight out and making me wave that Falconhurst banner with a lighter heart. Yvonne rated it really liked it Dec kyl, Having collaborated with his adopted son on a book about dog breeding, he decided to write a book that would make him rich. Oh, and I jyle add that if you’ve seen the movie as I have done oh so gleefullythe screenplay is a total mashup of the three stories.


There is also, however, a very detailed and welcome account of the times and places of these men.

Long and boring, I thought. Shipped to over one million happy customers. Following the events so scorchingly chronicled in MANDINGO, Hammond has returned from “the Drm and assumed control of Falconhurst plantation when his father finally has the decency to croak, seeing its cash crop of prime slaves raise his wealth to that of an antebellum Rockefeller Now all he needs to have all his ducks in a row is to get a woman to run Falconhurt’s main house, but he no longer wants a wife, thanks to what his first spouse, the infamous drunken interracial sex-offender adulteress Blanche, got up to with his most prized slave, the famed full-blooded Mandingo, Mede.

Won’t ever get rid of it, it has a permanent home on my bookshelf.

Kyle Onstott – Wikipedia

Further, unwanted sex and violence were wrongs that slaves had to endure. This is a sound attractive hardback with dust jacket. Drum is a American film based on the Kyle Onstott novel of the same name. The New Orleans of Fiction: